Cheque Truncation System (CTS)

Business Challenge:
The existing Cheque Truncation System was facing performance issues and their server used to hang for a transaction load of around 40,000 inward cheques per day. Also, uploading of inward file from the different branches of the bank to the main branch used to take around 5 hours every day. These two issues were badly affecting the day-to-day operations of the bank and were causing delays in clearing of cheques regularly.

Solution Proposed:
Mappletree studied and analysed the existing software. It was observed that single-tier architecture was used for the Cheque Truncation System which was leading to a bottleneck. Also, the program for uploading of the inward file was written based on the http protocol which was taking up more time. Mappletree proposed and modified the existing architecture of the system from single-tier to n-tier (5 tiers were used). Also, inward file upload logic was changed from http protocol to TCP/IP protocol and socket programming was used. Besides, the code for generation of images for scanned cheques was optimized to drastically reduce the overall size.

Technologies Used:
The platform on which the application was built/updated comprised of technologies like ASP.Net, C# 4.0, MS SQL Server 2012, TCP/IP, Socket Programming and Binary Programming.

Engagement Results:
Successful implementation of the above mentioned changes resulted in improved performance of the Cheque Truncation System. The server could now easily handle upto 2,50,000 inward cheques per day without any issues. Also, the inward file uploading time reduced to maximum 5 minutes every day. The productivity of the bank staff also increased drastically as the work that used to earlier take around 24 hours to complete could now be completed in about an hour only.