File Tracking System (FTS)

Business Challenge:
The existing mechanism for tracking files was based on MS Excel which was leading to numerous problems like missing files (files that were untraceable), not able to determine the current status of files i.e. whether files are available in the store or already issued to users, difficult to find the current location of files in the store when they need to be issued to users, etc. Since a very large number of files were involved, all this was resulting in a chaos and wastage of manpower besides dissatisfied users who were not able to lay their hands to the required files for performing their day-to-day activities.

Solution Proposed:
Mappletree studied the current mechanism and process followed at the client’s end and proposed a File Tracking System that included configurable workflows for file request from the user, issuing requested file to the user and file return from the user. Also, a provision was made to maintain scanned (soft) files along with the physical files for better management and control. Each file was tagged to a department, financial year and its specific physical location which could be easily maintained by the storekeepers. Several reports were also developed to provide complete visibility to the users as well as to the file storekeepers in real time.

Technologies Used:
The platform on which the application was built comprised of technologies like ASP.Net, MVC 4, BootStrap, Razor, Drapper.Net, C# 4.0, MS SQL Server 2012 Express Edition using tools like Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Engagement Results:
Successful implementation of the application resulted in restoration of order and control in maintaining the files and tracking them. Now, each and every file could be traced at the wink of an eye giving complete visibility to everyone. No more time and efforts were wasted now to locate the physical file while issuing them to the users. As the overall service levels of the file store improved, the satisfaction level of the users also increased drastically thereby leading to an increase in their productivity.