Point of Sales Application

Business Challenge:
Nowadays, customers want to make purchases at any location with information of the product made available to them. The airline wanted to instil a strong level of customer engagement for travellers beyond the usual flight experience by providing an onboard retail environment which would give their customers an access to in-flight exclusive offers for items pertaining to travel and other needs.

Solution Proposed:
Mappletree proposed and developed a cross platform mobile application through which the flight attendants could sell products to customers onboard. The application was extensible across different platforms such as iOS, Windows and Android. The main features of the application included products’ catalog, flight details, airline and crew information on the flight to the onboard customer, identifying a passenger from the aircraft’s seatmap visually, online payment of all types (credit, debit and coupons etc.), capturing the feedback from passengers, online and offine sale of transactions for the flight attendant with synchronization facility.

Technologies Used:
The platform on which the application was built comprised of technologies like C# 4.0, SQLite, MAC OS X 10.6 and above using tools like Xamarin Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Engagement Results:
Successful implementation of the application resulted in improved productivity of the flight attendants due to reduction in time for on board customer service. Also, it helped them to optimize inventory accounts and sale performance, improve customer loyalty and increase ROI.