Store Management System



Business Challenge:
The main objective of this system is to track the store location of the Finished Good items. At the time of outbound item it will take so much time to track the location so it leads to loss in crores including penalty.

Solution Proposed:
Mappletree proposed the Store Management System to store the location of the different Finished Goods (inbound items) in the store so that at the time of outbound item, the location of the required items can be displayed by the system to the end user to locate these items quickly and save the huge time and efforts that are currently being spent in doing so.

Technologies Used:
MVC 4(Model View Controller), C# with Dapper .Net, SQL Server 2012, JQuery, JQuery AJAX, LINQ, Bootstrap, HTML Razor.

Engagement Results:
Resulted system overcome all the problems and helps to zero loss.